Ubuntu Fashion Shoot

I had the privilege of helping my friends, Jemi and Melanie, with taking photos to promote their business! Jemi and Melanie are co-founders of Ubuntu Fashion, an authentic African brand that imports directly from Ghana and Tanzania that features culturally inspired fashion with handmade accessories ranging from tote bags, clutches to earrings and necklaces. Here are some of my favourite photos of their fashion shoot.


Breastfeeding Photo Shoot Faves from The Globe, Isle of Wight

Olivia is an amazing mum–she owns two restaurant/pubs, and one of them is also a B&B! She’s also a breastfeeding mother. She was kind enough to let us use her beautifully decorated restaurant, The Globe, for Isle of Wight mums to get photos taken for the Milky Way Project UK!  Check out how they turned out 🙂