Wedding Videography

My husband and I have been working together on a YouTube channel for over a year now and have recently delved into wedding videography! We will be creating a new business dedicated to professional videography, and we will be an amazing husband-wife, videographer-photographer duo. Stay tuned for more information on Video Dei, the name of our wedding videography business. Here is a trailer of our most recent wedding!


Bunmi + Shola | Engagement

What a cold wintry day in Southern England for Bunmi and Shola! I had the pleasure of capturing an engagement session for them as they prepared for their wedding date, which was approaching quickly. Here are the highlights. Stay tuned for their wedding photos coming soon!



Pumpkins in Fall with Friends

Yes, I’m talking about delicious Pumpkin Pie, Spiced Pumpkin Lattes, Pumpkin-flavored donuts and the autumn season known as “Fall” to us Americans! Why do I mention this? Well, my daughter and I made a new friend a couple weeks ago. Maggie and I belong to an American Ex-Pats in Hampshire group and connected via Facebook. In desperation to hear a familiar accent, to talk about cultural differences, and basically talk about the wonder that is American culture, we met up and became friends immediately! I was so pleased to take some of her photos and have my daughter make a new friend 🙂


What to Wear to an Autumn Mini Session

I didn’t plan on writing a blog post about this, but my clients were so inspirational in their outfits that I want to take a moment to talk about it.

Usually, I ask all my clients to wear only White, Beige or Cream. They can add in an accent colour with accessories (mustard-yellow scarf, or blue boots, etc). But ONLY ONE accent colour. Why do I limit the colour possibilities? It guarantees that my subjects will match well with the background. The ONE accent colour also works well with the neutral colours as well as being flexible to take off (hence why you can have accessories in accent colours) if they don’t match well.

In comes the Pearson family. Meeting them was entirely impromtu. My booked clients were a bit late and this family perfectly colour-coordinated for an autumn shoot was just getting ready to take photos of themselves with their iPhones. In steps me–an outgoing American–offering to take their photos! I couldn’t miss this opportunity to take photos of this beautiful family and their rustic-red and mountain-green colours perfectly blended together with sandy-tan and burnt-brown staples (trousers, shoes, etc). Take a look at their photos below and be inspired to coordinate your family photos like them! You won’t go wrong 😉


Kayden’s First Christmas

Who doesn’t love babies? Well, once you see this one, you’ll want one for yourself! Kayden is a smiley, bouncy, happy baby who is celebrating his FIRST Christmas this year! At the sound of his mother’s voice, he giggled, wriggled, laughed, and smiled. The perfect baby. You can see the joy that emanates from his eyes and you can feel the pride of his mother in each photo. Although it’s only October, it makes me want to say, “Merry Christmas!”


The Milky Way Project UK – Tandem Nursing

I have teamed up with The Milky Way Project UK sharing that special bond between baby and mum on their breastfeeding journey. I am going to be offering breastfeeding sessions to capture a special moment for you to cherish.

These sessions will be free sessions as long as you are happy for your images to be used as part of the project to normalise breastfeeding. Your photographs may be purchased for print or download.

No age limits on the baby/child. 
These will be taking place on various dates in February please comment below if you are interested or drop me a message. Also feel free to tag any of the breastfeeding mums you know.

I am based in Hamble, but will travel to Southampton for this project if I can get several mums on the same day!


‘Tis the Season for Christmas Mini-Sessions!!!


It’s time to start thinking about CHRISTMAS!! And I’m running an EARLY BIRD PROMOTION. For the first 5 people to book Christmas Mini-Sessions, you will get 20 FREE Christmas Cards!!! These 30-minute Mini-Sessions only cost you a total of £50 and you get 5 high-res images!  Continue reading “‘Tis the Season for Christmas Mini-Sessions!!!”

SNEAK PEEK: Lavinia’s Portrait Session

Ok, I’m not going to hide the fact that yes, I used my little girl as a model. If you’re a photographer with children, you know you’ve done it. But I must say that this portrait session allowed me to push my boundaries and be more artistic and fantastical with my photo editing. Here are my favourite shots: